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Holidays between dragon blood and coral sea

Do not compromise when choosing your next holiday destination. You can get more than just a travel catalogue paradise.

This website will help you to discover Socotra island in the Arabian sea. May you be a fan of hiking and breathtaking views or interested in watching endemic birds, you like long sandy beaches, wild life or you prefer underwater adventures, Socotra can always offer you something special.

We are ready to assist you with your trip preparations.

Why Choose Our Socotra Islands Tours?

Local Expertise: We are all local guides, equipped with more than twenty years of experience and hold university, master and phd studies in ecotourism, community development, and environmental studies, boast an intimate understanding of Socotra's unique ecosystems, giving you unrivaled insights into the island's treasures.

Personalized Experiences: We understand that every traveler is unique. Our tour packages are carefully crafted to suit a variety of interests, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Socotra as best suits you.

Tourism With a Social Focus: In addition to providing extraordinary adventures, we are committed to maintaining the well-being of local communities in Socotra. Your trip with us directly supports local livelihoods and nature conservation initiatives in full – 100% of tourism benefits go to local communities.

Diverse Itineraries: Whether you're looking for the iconic Dragon's Blood Trees on the Dixam Plateau, the pristine beaches of the Dihamri Marine Protected Area, or the underwater wonders of the Indian Ocean, our diverse itineraries cover Socotra's most fascinating moments.

An Adventure for Every Explorer: From exciting hiking and trekking routes to breathtaking snorkeling and diving opportunities, unforgettable experiences await you in this ecological paradise.

Discover the Unseen, Experience the Unimaginable

The islands of Socotra are waiting for you to explore and Socotra Eco-Tours is here to make your trip hassle-free and unforgettable. Choose us for an adventure that exceeds expectations, revealing the secrets and natural wonders of Socotra like never before. Your ultimate Socotra adventure starts here!


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