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We have a diving center in Dihamri eco-campsite. The center is managed by a professional diving instructor who got their trainings from the UNDP Socotra Conservation and Development Programme. At Dihamri Diving Center you can hire equipment for all diving locations on Socotra. People without PADI course can go for an adventure dive up to 10 meters.


Red Sea and Socotra are Yemeni diving hotspots. There are five main diving locations in Socotra: Dihamri Marine Protected Area with more than 80 kinds of corals and 150 fish species, Rosh Marine Protected Area with a reef drop off about 1 km from the coast, Adho with deep dives, and the eastern tip of the island called Ras Irsil and western Shouab coast both with shipwrecks.

         Naseem, Socotra diving master.


Dihamri: there are 5 diving sites. The underwater relief is very interesting with a mountain. This is the place with deepest dives up to 50 meters. Night dives are possible there.

Adho: there are 2 diving sites with dives up to 30 meters.

Rosh: there is one big diing site with dives between 10 and 15 meters. Night dives are possible there.

Ras Irsil: there are 7 diving sites with numerous shipwrecks. The ships sank due to an underwater mountain. The shipwrecks are up to 50 years old and it is possible to enter them. Ras Irsil has been pronounced a Protected Area.

Shouab: there is a single diving site with a shipwreck. It is a steel ship, the biggest shipwreck in Socotra waters. 



The best time for diving is March – April when the sea is crystal clear with wonderful visibilty and waves are very calm. However, get proper information and a diving briefing since sea currents around Socotra are very strong.   


We do tailor specific diving itineraries based on the request of our clients. Fur further information or for booking your trip contact us at :






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