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Travelers differ in preferences (activities, type of services...etc.), time availability and budget. Socotra Eco-Tours tailor specific itineraries to suit the need of each traveler. We arrange various kinds of tours for groups and individuals and for any period of time. 

We are experts in local culture and nature. Hence, we do tailor specific packages including bird-watching, diving, trekking, paragliding, botanical and cultural tour as well as relaxed tour based on requests of our clients.


Comprehensive Tour TO SOCOTRA

Adventure to the Heart of Socotra: Comprehensive tour in the Magical Islands of Socotra

Get into the heart of Socotra's unimaginable landscapes with our tailor-made tours and treks. As guardians of this ecological gem, we bring over two decades of experience and intimate knowledge of Socotra's terrain as local guides with master's and doctoral degrees, making your trip an educational and immersive adventure.

Why Socotra?

Socotra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lures adventurers with its pristine and varied terrain:

Unique Flora and Fauna: Discover endemic flora, such as the iconic Dragon's Blood Trees, and encounter rare animal species found nowhere else on Earth. The landscape of Socotra is living proof of the creative power of nature.

Ancient Geological Enchantment: Traverse the surreal landscapes of the Dixam Plateau and immerse yourself in ancient limestone formations and rocky terrains that tell the stories of geological epochs.

Coastal Wonders: Walk along pristine beaches, steep cliffs and coastal trails that offer panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Socotra's coast is a treasure trove for avid hikers.

Mountain Adventures: Scale the steep peaks of the Haghier Mountains and immerse yourself in breathtaking views. The mountains of Socotra offer a challenging but rewarding trekking experience.

Join us on an adventurous trek where every step reveals the hidden wonders of Socotra. Led by local experts with advanced degrees and decades of experience, our errand tours and treks promise to immerse you in the heart of Socotra's natural wonders. Observe the beauty of endemic species, learn about geological wildernesses, and be part of an eco-friendly trekking experience that promotes both conservation and community well-being.



Botanical Paradise on the Socotra Islands: Tour Guides with Local Expertise

Welcome to an immersive botanical experience in the Socotra Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their unsurpassed plant diversity. Our botanical tours, led by local guides with Masters and PhD degrees, extensive local knowledge and over 20 years of experience, invite you to discover the botanical wonders of this ecological pearl.

Uncovering the Secrets of Nature: Discover the Unique Flora of Socotra 

The islands of Socotra are a living laboratory of botanical wonders, hosting a rich variety of plant species found nowhere else on the planet. Led by our experienced local guides, equipped with advanced academic qualifications and in-depth knowledge, you will walk through magical landscapes, admire the iconic Dragon Blood trees and discover hidden valleys adorned with unique plant life.

Embark on a botanical odyssey with us, where the beauty of Socotra's flora is revealed in every leaf and petal. Led by local experts with advanced degrees and decades of experience, our botanical tours promise an in-depth exploration of Socotra's unique plant life. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, knowing that your journey has a positive impact on the local community and the preservation of this ecological pearl.



Discover the Underwater Paradise of the Socotra Islands: Snorkeling and Diving Tours 

Welcome to the pristine underwater paradise of the Socotra Islands, where breathtaking coral reefs, colorful underwater life and interesting shipwrecks await you. Our snorkeling and diving tours offer a unique combination of natural beauty and historical interest, led by local experts with Masters and PhD degrees, diving certifications and over 20 years of experience. 

Dive into the Deep Sea Beauty of Socotra 

Socotra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a haven for underwater lovers looking for a unique diving and snorkeling experience. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, where the wealth of coral reefs creates underwater carpets full of color and biodiversity. Socotra's importance for diving is enhanced by the flourishing coral ecosystems that provide a home to a wide variety of marine species.

Discover the Secrets of the Ancient Wrecks

Socotra's maritime history is revealed beneath the surface, where well-preserved shipwrecks add a fascinating historical dimension to your underwater journey. Discover the remains of old vessels, each telling its own story of seafaring and adding a touch of mystery to the vibrant marine environment.

Join us on an unforgettable underwater odyssey, where the beauty of Socotra's marine world is combined with the expertise of our local guides. Dive deep, snorkel among the wonders and contribute to the conservation and prosperity of this unique island community. Your journey begins beneath the azure waters of Socotra – a world waiting to be discovered.



The Winged Wonders of Socotra: Bird Watching with Local Masters
Embark on an extraordinary birdwatching adventure in the Socotra Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the skies come alive with diverse avian wonders. Our birding tours, led by local experts with Masters and PhD degrees, extensive knowledge of the local environment and over 20 years of experience, promise unparalleled exploration into the diverse and unique bird species that grace this ecological oasis.
Bird Extravaganza: Discover the Unique Birds of Socotra
The Socotra Islands are a paradise for bird lovers, offering a kaleidoscope of avian wonders found in few other places on Earth. Led by our experienced local guides, equipped with advanced academic qualifications and a deep understanding of the island's ecosystems, you will pass through landscapes adorned with endemic species, from the majestic Socotran starling to the diminutive Socotran sunbird. Each step reveals a new chapter in the compelling story of Socotra's avian biodiversity.
Choosing our birding tours means immersing yourself in the expertise of guides who are not only passionate about birds, but hold Masters and PhD degrees in relevant fields. With over two decades of hands-on experience and a deep connection to Socotra's birdlife, our guides add depth and insight to your birding experience. He shares his wealth of knowledge about behavior, migration patterns and ecological roles, making each tour an educational and memorable experience.
Join us on a birding adventure where the skies of Socotra become a canvas painted with the vivid colors of its avian inhabitants. Our birding tours, led by local experts with advanced degrees and decades of experience, promise to immerse you in the heart of Socotra's avian wonders. Observe the magic of rare species, learn about their unique behaviors and be part of a birding experience that promotes both conservation and community well-being.  


We need you to send us copy of your passports in order to process your visas from here. Once we received the scan of your passport page (the one with photo) we will process the visa and send you a scan of the visa in one to two days. Please bring it with you. The original will be waiting for you upon your arrival to Socotra airport and we will be there to help you. You hand them your passport and the scan of the visa. They will put the visa into your passport if you want and you can as well keep your visa sticker out of your passport (This is optional). You do not need to pay anything at this point. With the passport now provided with a visa and the filled-in "arrival card" you proceed to the immigration and then pick up your luggage. This is when you will meet us at the airport.


Most of our itineraries are "ECO" so we strongly suggest to our guests to stay in eco campsites or camping in nature. There are however few eco lodges close to Hadibo: Adeeb and Delisha. and few hotels on Socotra ( all of them in Hadibo). The stay in the hotel as well as in ecolodges in addition to camping in nature are included in our itineraries. 

For some of our clients certain services are indispensable. So if a luxury accomodation is required The Summerland hotel costs $75 single room, $140 double room and $220 suite. Please, let us know if you want to be accommodated at Summerland so we can add it to your itinerary.


GSM and CDMA mobile phones on Socotra are limited to certain places, and anyway in many places there is no mobile coverage (which some of our visitors find a relief!) BUT: life is life and sometimes you absolutely need to be reachable or to reach someone. In these cases we can provide your guide with a mobile phone which has a sim-card and you can buy the scratch cards to replenish it (to top it up) and use it as you go.


Mainly you can use internet on Socotra in the capital, Hadibo. It is possible to check your email, etc in our agency office for free, but the connection is sometimes slow. You can eventually use our desktop and connection to check your email. Further, GSM mobile can use internet data in few places on the island apart from Hadiboh.


You will have a car charger in your car.


As there is no ATMs services on Socotra, we will expect you to pay for the itinerary and the visa in cash (preferably US dollars or else euros) when you are here in Socotra at the beginning or at the end of your tour. If you do not like to carry cash with you, then you can wire us the totality or part of it, we leave it up to you. The only amount that we NEED to get via wire is the cost of your domestic tickets, as this is outside our accounting system.  We will send you our bank details once you plan to do the transfer.


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