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How can I get my visa to Yemen and Socotra?

We need you to send us copy of your passports in order to process your visas from here. Once we received the scan of your passport page (the one with photo) we will process the visa and send you a scan of the visa two weeks before your arrival. Please bring it with you. The original will be waiting for you upon your arrival to Socotra airport or Sana'a airport and we will be there to help you. You hand them your passport and the scan of the visa. They will put the visa into your passport. You do not need to pay anything at this point. With the passport now provided with a visa and the filled-in "arrival card" you proceed to the immigration and then pick up your luggage. This is when you will meet us at the airport.

What type of accommodations available on Socotra?

Most of our itineraries are "ECO" so we strongly suggest to our guests to stay in eco campsites. There are however two eco campsites close to Hadibo: Adeeb and Delisha.and three hotels on Socotra, all of them in Hadibo: three economic hotels  (Taj Socotra Hotel and Socotra Tourists Hotel). The stay in the hotel is included in the itinerary. This means that you can stay in a hotel any day/s of your itinerary without paying extra charges.

For some of our clients certain services are indispensable. We suggest that they opt for more expensive option: the Summerland hotel which costs $75 single room, $140 double room and $220 suite. Please, let us know if you want to be accommodated at Summerland so we can add it to your itinerary.

Can I use my mobile while being on Socotra?

GSM and CDMA mobile systems operate on Socotra. However, in some places there is no mobile coverage (which some of our visitors find a relief!) BUT: life is life and sometimes you absolutely need to be reachable or to reach someone. In these cases,  your guide can assist you to find a nearest network coverage. You can as well use your guide's mobile but you need to buy the scratch cards to replenish it (to top it up) and use it as you go.

What about Internet?

The only place where you can use internet on Socotra is in the capital, Hadibo where you will not be for a long time. GSM mobile offers mobile data but the network coverage does not cover the whole islands. It is possible to check your email, etc in our agency, but the connection is very slow, so do not count on surfing the web, watching YouTube, ADD: talking on skype or downloading big files. You can eventually use our desktop and connection to transfer your photos from your memory card to your flicker account, but better take an extra memory card, because you will take more pictures than you thought – our island is really beautiful

Where can I charge my Camera?

In Hadibo and in the eco-lodges recharging your batteries, camera, etc is possible. Outside Hadibo, your car has a charger where you can charge your cameras anytime you wish.

What are the payment's method?

As there is no ATMs services on Socotra, we will expect you to pay for the itinerary and the visa in cash (preferably US dollars or else euros) when you are here in Socotra at the beginning or at the end of your tour. If you do not like to carry cash with you, then you can wire us the totality or part of it, we leave it up to you. The only amount that we NEED to get via wire is the cost of your domestic tickets, as this is outside our accounting system.  We will send you our bank details once you plan to do the transfer.

Can I book my own tickets?

Yes, you can book your tickets yourself. We can book them for you in case you face any difficulties. We also offer a better rate compared to the ones available online.

How can I get to Socotra?

There are two options to get to Socotra. The first option is to fly from Abu-Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) with Alarabiya Air. The flights are direct and non-stop. The second option is to fly via Cairo with Yemenia Airlines. Conact us for further details on:

email: holidays@socotra-eco-tours.com

whatsapp: +967 777007588

Does Socotra Eco-Tours organize trips in the mainland Yemen such as Sayun, Sana'a...etc.?

Yes, Socotra Eco-Tours organizes tours to Sayun, Sana'a and in the whole Yemen territory based on the requests of our clients.Some places in the Yemen mainland are closed for tourism. Socotra is the only place which is open and safe all the time. It is isolated in the sea and inhabitied by friendly and peaceful people. 

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