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25/01/2024 09:16

Socotra Trips 2024

Escape to the unspoiled paradise of Socotra Island, a hidden gem in the Arabian Sea, and embark on an extraordinary journey you'll remember forever. Welcome to Socotra, where dreams come alive and nature's wonders unfold. Our tour packages for 2024, brought to you by Socotra Eco-Tours, offer an...
25/01/2024 09:13

Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits!

Welcome to Unveiling the Mysteries of Socotra: Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits! Embark on a remarkable journey to the enigmatic Socotra Islands with our exclusive services and tour packages. At Socotra Eco-Tours, we invite you to explore one of the world's best-kept secrets, where otherworldly...
25/01/2024 09:11

flights to Socotra 2024

There are two options for reaching Socotra:   1. Twice a week, direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Socotra  with Al-Arabiya Air. Every Tuesday and Friday.   2. A weekly flight -every monday-with Yemenia from Cairo to socotra(via mainland Yemen).    Kindly, let us know when you...
25/01/2024 09:08

how to get visa to socotra in 2024

VISAS PROCEEDURES: We need you to send us copy of your passports in order to process your visas from here. Once we received the scan of your passport page (the one with photo) we will process the visa and send you a scan of the visa in one to two days. Please bring it with you. The original...
25/01/2024 09:05

Is Socotra safe to visit in 2024 for International tourists?

Escape to the untouched paradise of Socotra Island, where the worries of the world melt away amidst breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality. Despite ongoing conflict in mainland Yemen, Socotra remains an oasis of peace and tranquility, unaffected by the unrest plaguing other regions. Nestled...
10/06/2023 18:49


08/06/2023 15:23

Socotra Trips 2023/2024

  Starting from September 2023 until May 2024, we organize twice a week trips to socotra; every friday and every monday.      SOCOTRA PACKAGES 2023/2024     BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW  
02/01/2023 17:44

Happy New Year

Merry christmas and happy new Year to everyone. Wish you a new year full of happiness and success.    Warm regards from Socotra. Socotra Eco-Tours
14/10/2022 17:47

Tens of groups arrived to Socotra this Season

We are very pleased to announce that we have already welcomed groups and individuals from various countries to Socotra this season. And we are looking forward to welcome more.  The Socotra-based Socotra Eco-tours is a group of indigenous Socotri guides who have been trained by UNDP-Socotra...
11/08/2021 03:46

Direct flights from the UAE to Socotra

Despite the political volatility and security instability in mainland Yemen, Socotra is still attracting international tourists from all over the world proving its peacefulness and safety.  We are pleased that the previous tourism season was very successful. At present, Alarabiya Air operates...

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