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30/11/2015 09:43

Dubai Socotra Dubai (direct flights)

Yemenia Airways has launched its direct flights from Socotra to Dubai and back to Socotra starting from the 28th of November, 2015. Every Friday from Socotra to Dubai and every Monday from Dubai to Socotra.  Felix Airways is going to operate soon its direct flights from Sharjah to...
28/01/2015 09:40

Is Socotra Safe?

Due to the current political crisis in Yemen travellers are concerned about Safety on Socotra. We would like to assure all travellers that Socotra is as always safe and currently we do have travellers from various Europeans and other Western countries on Socotra. To avoid the mainland Yemen,...
27/01/2015 11:32

Direct and non-stop flights from Dubai to Socotra and back

  Yemenia has launched its direct flights schedules from Dubai to Socotra and back which will start from mid-February. It flies every Sunday from Dubai to Socotra (direct and non-stop flight) according to this schedule; Departure from Dubai at 08:10 and arrival to Socotra...
07/01/2015 17:57

Tourism Office Socotra: Socotra Eco-Tours is the achiever of 2012,2013 and 2014

The Yemeni Ministry of Tourism-Socotra Office certifies that Socotra Eco-Tours is the acheiver of the years of 2012, 2013 and 2014. Click here to see the certification 
25/12/2014 18:00

Very Soon: direct flights from Sharjah (UAE) to Socotra

Felix airways, the only operator for Sharjah (UAE) Socotra line, is planning to start direct flights from Sharjah to Socotra and back every Monday. Those flights will not have a stop at Riyan airport as the usual schedule do. With this new schedule we hope the tourism secotr will flourish on our...
29/11/2014 17:26

Flights update to Socotra

Here is the updated Socotra flights' schedules: Flights from Sharjah (UAE) to Socotra and back to Sharjah (UAE) have a stop at Riyan-Mukalla airport. However, All passengers pass by the immigration authority and get their visas stamped on their...
17/01/2014 08:37

Feedback of recent big group of 100 tourists

Feedback of  recent big group of 100 tourists
04/04/2013 11:44

British Ambassador at Yemen visits Socotra

08/10/2012 16:53

Socotra: A Jewel Of Biodiversity in the Middle East

See the new article on Socotra!
05/04/2012 10:15

Read a recent report about diving in Socotra, Yemen

My dive buddy & I just returned from a week in Socotra with a day in Sanaa at either end of our stay. All our local arrangements were made by Abduljameel of Socotra Eco Tours (Socotra Eco-tours - Tourist guide on Socotra specialised in eco-tourism e-mail:-...

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