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Holidays between dragon blood and coral sea

Do not compromise when choosing your next holiday destination. You can get more than just a travel catalogue paradise.

This website will help you to discover Socotra island in the Arabian sea. May you be a fan of hiking and breathtaking views, you like long sandy beaches, wild life or you prefer underwater adventures, Socotra can always offer you something special.

We are ready to assist you with your trip preparations.

Socotra Eco-tours is an accredited

Ecotourism Agency based in Socotra

RUDWAN & Friends

We are a group of experienced Socotri guides who provide eco-tourism services to those coming to the island to spend the holidays of their life.

Socotra is our home so we always pay special attention to local environment, economy and people.

We guarantee that our fees come to the benefit of local people. We build a bridge between Socotri population living their traditional way of live and tourists longing for a unique experience.

Dragon Blood Tree - one of the endemic plants in Socotra




15/12/2011 09:59


Dear Friends, It is over five years ago, that my interest in the very isle Socotra was ignited and almost one year, since I first set foot on it. In the mean time, I explored Socotra and the concept «island», spent over seven weeks worth of shooting on the island, got countless fleabites, took almost 20 000 pictures, walked my feet sore more than once, ruined two lenses and almost my knees,...
21/10/2011 18:16

Getting visa to visit Socotra via Sharjah( The United Arab Emirates)

Now you can get your visa within 10 minutes from the Yemeni Consulate in Dubai. You just need an invitation letter from a tour operator in Socotra in addition to a letter from the immigration office in Socotra to be addressed to the Yemeni Consulate in Duabi.  Once you get your visa there, you can fly directly from Sharjah (the United Arab Emirates) to Socotra.   For more...
04/07/2011 09:58

Fire of Debnah Oasis (Socotra Archipelago)

Due to the long isolation of the Archipelago, Socotris had to look for food and medicine in entire Socotra. People from the coastal areas live on fish and dates grown in valleys and lagoons (Socotra is mostly dry so most of the valleys and lagoons are planted by trees), while shepherds count on meet, ghee and sour milk. Few of shepherds own Palm trees since they live in mountains and...

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