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Holidays between dragon blood and coral sea

Do not compromise when choosing your next holiday destination. You can get more than just a travel catalogue paradise.

This website will help you to discover Socotra island in the Arabian sea. May you be a fan of hiking and breathtaking views, you like long sandy beaches, wild life or you prefer underwater adventures, Socotra can always offer you something special.

We are ready to assist you with your trip preparations.


Socotra Eco-tours is an accredited Ecotourism Agency based in Socotra. At Socotra Eco-Tours, we are proud to be from Socotra, and our team of knowledgeable guides are all Socotris with over ten years of experience in ecotourism and guiding. They hold bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees in environment, sustainable development, and ecotourism. 

With Socotra Eco-Tours, you'll have the privilege of exploring Socotra Island with guides who deeply understand its ecosystem, culture, and heritage. They will share their wisdom, passion, and personal stories, enriching your journey with authentic insights and connections.

Our guides are not just experts in their field; they are guardians of Socotra's pristine environment. They are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring that your adventures leave a positive impact on the island and its communities.


RUDWAN & Friends

We are a group of experienced Socotri guides who provide eco-tourism services to those coming to the island to spend the holidays of their life.

Socotra is our home so we always pay special attention to local environment, economy and people.

We guarantee that our fees come to the benefit of local people. We build a bridge between Socotri population living their traditional way of live and tourists longing for a unique experience.



11/08/2021 03:46

Direct flights from the UAE to Socotra

Despite the political volatility and security instability in mainland Yemen, Socotra is still attracting international tourists from all over the world proving its peacefulness and safety.  We are pleased that the previous tourism season was very successful. At present, Alarabiya Air operates a weekly direct flights from the United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi to Socotra and back to the UAE. We...
06/05/2019 17:30

Flights from Cairo Egypt to Socotra Airport (2019)

Yemenia operates a weekly flight from Cairo Egypt to Socotra Airport every Wednesday. Hence, Tourism activities resumed again in Socotra starting from this season 2019. Socotra Eco-tours can assist you booking your tickets, issueing your visa and organize your entire trip to Socotra. For further information, please contact us on the following details:   Rudwan Mubarak Ali Email:...
06/05/2019 17:15

Now you can come to Socotra-Tourism Season 2019

You can visit Socotra now with Socotra Eco-Tours. Yemenia Airways operates a weekly flight from Cairo-Egypt to Socotra Airport every Wednseday. In this season (2019), and since October, Socotra Eco-Tours has welcomed many international groups from various natioanalities including the US, Europe, China and Russia.    All we need from you, copy of your passports and we will take care...

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