Holidays between dragon blood and coral sea

Do not compromise when choosing your next holiday destination. You can get more than just a travel catalogue paradise.

This website will help you to discover Socotra island in the Arabian sea. May you be a fan of hiking and breathtaking views, you like long sandy beaches, wild life or you prefer underwater adventures, Socotra can always offer you something special.

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We are a group of experienced Socotri guides who provide eco-tourism services to those coming to the island to spend the holidays of their life.

Socotra is our home so we always pay special attention to local environment, economy and people.

We guarantee that our fees come to the benefit of local people. We build a bridge between Socotri population living their traditional way of live and tourists longing for a unique experience.

Dragon Blood Tree - one of the endemic plants in Socotra




26/04/2010 20:57

Sea cucumber harvest

This year’s sea cucumber harvest has been under way on Socotra. Even though sea cucumbers are not traditionally consumed by Socotris, they have been popular with local fishermen who export them for attractive prices. Gathered sea cucumbers are sold to Mukalla and then to Japan and China. Since many fishermen get engaged in the business it is not easy to find sea cucumbers close to the shore...
11/04/2010 22:38

Shrimp season in peak

A shrimp season culminates on Socotra during the month of April. Shrimps are collected every day in the Qariyah lagoon, a pool with a fresh water supply and a sea water coming during high tide. Enjoy Socotri shrimps in Hadibo restaurants or in Dihamri eco-campsite! Abduljameel enjoying fresh shrimps with his son Ahmed.
09/04/2010 20:08

Website launched

Abduljameel and his friends have launched a new website of the Socotra Eco-tours travel agency specialized on holidays on the Yemeni island. The website will help future visitors to get a comprehensive information about Socotra and plan their trip in the most suitable way.

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