Direct flights from the UAE to Socotra

11/08/2021 03:46

Despite the political volatility and security instability in mainland Yemen, Socotra is still attracting international tourists from all over the world proving its peacefulness and safety.

 We are pleased that the previous tourism season was very successful. At present, Alarabiya Air operates a weekly direct flights from the United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi to Socotra and back to the UAE.

We are looking forward to welcome our guests for the next season 2021-2022 starting from October 2021. Socotra is still virgin and it is a chance to experience its pristine nature and unique culture. WELCOME TO SOCOTRA!


For booking your trip or further inquiries on Socotra, kindly contact us on the following address;


Mr. Rudwan Mubarak Ali



Whatsapp/Mobile: +967777007588