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Fire in Debnah Oasis

26/06/2011 14:52

Thousands of palm trees, over twenty goats and three boats burned in Debnah Oasis, Yesterday 18th of June, 2011 by a fire blown by wind from a spot where rubbish is collected and burned.

 A woman from Debnah village was burning rubbish on a spot of Debnah Oasis. Wind blew fire towards palm trees leaving thousands of them burned. Over twenty goats were charred while three fishermen boats were melted.  Another story says that a woman was cooking in the Oasis. People from nearby villages hurried to the Oasis when they saw black smoke rising to the air. With the support of around hundred of Army, Rescue Police and locals, fire was extinguished after six hours of fighting.

Debnah Oasis is one of the biggest in Socotra, ten thousands of palm trees are grown there. It is located 15 kilometers to the north east of Hadiboh, close to Delisha beach.


Famous legend of Debnah.


Islanders store palm dates in goats’ and sheep’s skins which could keep it eatable for years.

During the reign of Sultans, every family had to give a part of their harvest to the Sultan. The Sultan asked Sheikhs of shepherds tribes to supply him with goat skins to store the dates. In one of those seasons, he asked one of the sheikhs to provide him with 100 skins. The Sheikh didn’t have that amount of skins, however the sultan insisted on his request and informed the Sheikh that he needs them for Debnah Oasis harvesting. The Sheikh killed one hundred goats and prayed to his God to reduce numbers of palm dates in Debnah Oasis. Since then till now, 100 palm dates die every year in Debnah Oasis.

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