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Illegally fishing ships seized

20/03/2010 22:54

Two Iranian ships illegally fishing in the vicinity of Socotra were caught by the Yemeni army in March. Crews were flown to Al-Mukalla for investigation, the boats left Hadibo port at the end of the month.

The boats using forbidden non selective nets were spotted by fishermen from Stero on the southern coast of the island. Local people reported massive numbers of unwanted catch trashed to the sea. The army was alarmed and seized one of the boats that came closer to the coast. Telecommunications equipment was confiscated so that the other boat could not be informed about the incident. Four days later, the other boat also approached the coast and was seized by the army.

The crews were questioned and transported to Al-Mukalla for further investigation on reasons behind the violation of Yemeni territorial waters. First of the boats left for Mukalla on March 25. After secure arrival to the southern port, the other boat left Hadibo on March 29.

This was the first case of illegal fishing recorded in such close proximity of Socotra.

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