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Mystery over a missing child on Socotra

02/07/2010 20:54

A three year old boy has been lost on Socotra since last Monday. The child was following his mother while she was going to visit her neighboring village at dusk time. The incident happened in Modhfor village located in the eastern part of the island. The mother returned back home but she was told that her son had followed her. Villagers have been looking for the lost boy since he got lost but with no result.

This is not the first case of a missing child on the island. Some decades ago, a child of same age got lost and was missing for seven year. After the boy reappeared, it was found out that he had become a magician. The old man lives in Socotra till nowadays treating people with his magic power.

Five years ago, a similar case happened but the child has been missing up till now.

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