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Tens of groups arrived to Socotra this Season

14/10/2022 17:47

We are very pleased to announce that we have already welcomed groups and individuals from various countries to Socotra this season. And we are looking forward to welcome more. 

The Socotra-based Socotra Eco-tours is a group of indigenous Socotri guides who have been trained by UNDP-Socotra Conservation and Development Program and specialized in Socotra natural and cultural heritage.


We are the pioneer, well-known and well-experienced guides with whom your trip to Socotra will be unforgettable and can be taken as a life-time experience. Socotra flora, fauna, culture and traditions is what we are proud of and experienced in, hence our aim is to reflect all these outstanding values of Socotra and integrate them practically withing our guests’ itineraries.



We can tailor a specific itinerary that suit your interest, organize your tours on Socotra, and we can as well arrange your visa/s to Socotra. Visa process takes only between few hours to a couple of days. We need only copy of your passport/s to process your visa/s. Upon issuance of your visas from the authorities here in Socotra, we will send you copy/ies of your visa/s which you will use to board to your flights to Socora. Flights to/from Socotra operate only once every week (every Tuesday) from/ to Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Al-Arabiya airlines is the only operator of these flights.

To enjoy uniqueness of Socotra and experience most of its ecotourism available activties, October to May is the best period to visit Socotra.


In terms of security, Socotra is one of the safest spots on the planet and it is not impacted yet by the ongoing political turmoil and security instability in mainland Yemen in items of its safety. That is why we have welcomed tourists from various countries including the US, Europe, Russia, China, Japan…etc.


Thanks for your interest in visiting our beloved Socotra. Kindly, feel free to contact us for further inquiries and we look forward to welcome you on Socotra.

Socotra Eco-Tours



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