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Where to stay on Socotra

Accommodation services on Socotra have gone through some significant development recently. Still you should keep in mind that Socotra island is an eco-tourism destination and do not expect miracles. Luxurious hotel resorts with swimming pools and private beaches are not available and it is a question whether they would be desirable for Socotra at all. 

This season, you can choose from few hotels in Hadibo, an eco-lodge situated in the outskirts of the capital town, few eco-campsites in various locations around the island, and camping in the wild.



There are few hotels available in Hadibo, all of them located around the main 20 Street. 

Summerland – the only luxury hotel in Hadibo. It is located off 20 Street on its eastern end, very close to public Internet Café and the main mosque. A restaurant run by a Philippine cook is a part of the complex where international cuisine is served. The hotel also has its own diving center.

Services: modern rooms with AC, TV, and a fridge, private bathrooms with European style toilets. Generator for undisturbed electricity supply, laundry, room service. Breakfast is included (continental or Yemeni).



Socotra Tourist Hotel – a popular hotel located on the eastern end of 20 Street. In a busy restaurant on the ground floor, you can meet many Socotris and international tourists every evening and enjoy fresh fish, lobster or bean meals together. This hotel is a reasonable compromise between good price and standard of service.

Services: rooms with AC, TV, and a fridge, all rooms with private bathrooms, laundry, generator for undisturbed electricity supply. Breakfast is not included but can be served in the restaurant downstairs.


Taj – another popular hotel located on a quiet western end of 20 Street. There is a restaurant on the ground floor with tables scattered outside in a large area surrounded by palm leaf fence where you can enjoy more privacy while tasting local fish, seafood or goat meet.

Services: rooms with AC, TV, and a fridge, all rooms with private bathrooms, laundry, generator for undisturbed electricity supply. Breakfast is not included but can be served in the restaurant downstairs.



An eco-lodge run by Adib’s family is located on a beach just outside Hadibo.  The family also looks after a nearby nursery where we will take you to see young endemic Socotri plants.

The fresh breeze from the sea wins the place extra points in comparison to sultry hotels of Hadibo. The premises offer accommodation in woven huts and two shaded resting areas where food from an eco-lodge restaurant is served. The cook was trained in Mercur Hotel Aden and serves delicious fish and goat meet. A beach shower is available for those who will enjoy swimming.

Services: woven huts with mattresses or beds protected by light mosquito nets, capacity of the eco-lodge is 15 people. Shared bathrooms, huts lighted by lamps, charging batteries possible. Breakfast is included and served by the eco-lodge restaurant.



There are six eco-campsites to stay overnight when outside of Hadibo: Amak, Dihamri, Ditwah, Homhil, Rosh, Skand. They are run by local communities who generate income by providing eco-tourism services for their own development.

Accommodation in an eco-campsite provides only basic comfort but you are in the middle of nature and can fully indulge the beauties of Socotra. For most of the tours, it is more convenient to stay overnight in eco-campsites located around the island than driving every night back to Hadibo.

Services: tents, mattresses, bed sheets and pillow provided for the night, possibility to stay in a beach hut or a stone shelter. Arabic style toilets and showers are available. Lighting by lamps, in Rosh charging batteries possible. Breakfast, lunch, dinner available from professionally trained cooks.

Detailed information for each eco-campsite find in the Tourist Highlights section.


Camping in the nature

When camping outside with Socotra Eco-Tours, a maximum comfort will be prepared for you including freshly cooked lunch/dinner, drinking water, tea/coffee and dessert, relaxing area with mattresses on a large mat, tents, gas or solar lamps. All stuff including your baggage will be brought by a 4WD car to the place of camping.

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