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Is Socotra Safe?

28/01/2015 09:40

Due to the current political crisis in Yemen travellers are concerned about Safety on Socotra. We would like to assure all travellers that Socotra is as always safe and currently we do have travellers from various Europeans and other Western countries on Socotra. To avoid the mainland Yemen, Yemenia airways operates a direct (non-stop) flights from Dubai to Socotra and back to Dubai with the below schedules;


Every Sunday from Dubai to Socotra (direct and non-stop flight) according to this schedule;

Departure from Dubai at 08:10 and arrival to Socotra at 09:25 
Every Wednesday from Socotra to Dubai (direct and non-stop flight) according to this schedule;
Departure from Socotra at 10:30 and arrival to Dubai at 12:55


Costs of Dubai Socotra Dubai flights is $650 per person


You can book your tickets online at www.yemenia.com and in case you face any difficulties we will be happy to book them for you.


In order to get your entry visa to Yemen, we need copy of your passport and based on that we will process your visa from here. Copy of your visa will be sent to you by email in order to board to your flights while the original copy will be handed to you upon your arrival to any Yemeni airport. Visas process takes only one day and visas fees are $50 per person. 


Please, do not hesitate to email us for further inquiries holidays@socotra-eco-tours.com



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